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"Unique, Cool Colorado 2nd Season Buck"
Photo provided by: Trent Williams

One of our newest members, Trent Williams (aka POk3s), shared with us all in the forum the following.....

"Hey guys. Iíve lurked on this site for years and finally decided I would join up. I also figured a proper intro deserved the biggest buck Iíve yet killed. Iím one of those guys that previously had killed a handful of ďgoodĒ bucks. Anyway, I was actually able to learn a lot about my unit from this site (some of you had some loose lips a few years ago ;) ) so I figured I would give back a bit since itís now the off season, give you guys something to enjoy. Anyway, my name is Trent. I live in southwest Wyoming and Iím on a plethora of other forums under this same name. For the most part Iíll probably be lurking in the shadows but will try and give advice when I feel Iím able! Thank you and enjoy the story and pics!

First for the boring back story- When I started putting in for Colorado, I didnít even bother getting deer points. Iím an elk guy, or thatís what I thought. After a few years I figured out how stupid that was and started getting points. I didnít want to build points and hold onto them forever though. Through my research, I kept coming back to the same unit. I even had people try and talk me out of it, saying that place isnít what it once was. It didnít matter, this was a bucket list PLACE, more so than a deer hunt. I also knew second season was a gamble, but other seasons took a stupid amount of points so I decided to go for it.

The good part-my buddy Channing came and joined me for the first few days of the hunt as we tried to figure this place out. We marked places off the map and figured out where some deer were, including seeing a GIANT two point that I passed.

After that, a snow storm and cold temps hit. Just a blessing for this second season deer tag, even if Iím really not a fan of cold and snow! I was seeing multiple bucks every day but couldnít find any old deer. On day 6, I passed a 170Ē type deer. The biggest Iíd seen. I was on the gun and off the gun for probably 3 or 4 minutes trying to figure out what I wanted to do. He was on his feet and staring at me from under a thick aspen limb. I couldnít see his antlers clearly but could make out good mass and great front forks. I saw weak backs and had been saying to myself for months leading up to the hunt that I have to have the willpower to pass up these GOOD bucks. I did it, and it shook me up so bad that my thigh cramped up. I had to take a minute to calm down, massage it out, and walk back to the side by side. Insert laughing face here. I walked back with a smile on my face however. It was fun!

After that encounter, I was satisfied with my hunt. I knew I came here, experienced it all, found some good bucks, and that was fulfilling to me. Day 7 I had to go back to town to refuel after a very uneventful morning hunt. Driving through the unit, I found a buck at 1:30 in the afternoon, on his feet and in a place I had just hunted 2 days earlier and not seen a single deer. I really wasnít sure what I saw when he lifted his head up. It looked like a big 3 point frame with big backs and mass, and then just kind of goofy on the off side. He was worth a second look. A quick loop around (too quick probably as I had the truck in 4 wheel drive and kicking up dust and boulders) put me above him about a half mile. I watched him disappear into some tall sage and figured he bedded down. I was never able to see his headgear from this new location. I decided to go for it and act like he was ďthe oneĒ, although pep talking myself the whole way saying things like ďdonít get any preconceived notions that he is the one. He may just be a big 3 point and youíve killed 2 of those. Take your time and be sureĒ you guys know the drill. I crested a hill 260 yards from him. Taking one step and glassing. Another step and scan. Another...and scan. Well, he saw me before I saw him. Not good. What gave him away was his head whipping around to look my way. I got prone over my pack, steadied myself, and zoomed into 16 power on the scope. Looking at him through the scope I still didnít know what I was looking at. He was looking over his butt at me bedded but with his ď3 point sideĒ to me. The ď3 point sideĒ looked big enough and I just saw trash on the other side. I decided right then he was good enough for me.

I tried to kill him in his bed by sneaking one through his shoulder blades. I missed!!! I had toíve just pulled left or right but at 260 I shouldíve hammered him. Buck fever I guess! Luckily he just stood up from his bed broadside and stared at me. I sent another round and anchored him right there. The freak out, the emotional dump, and walking up to this buck is a moment in time Iíll never forget."

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