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"Sometimes you get lucky!"
Photo provided by: Trevor Connelly

Trevor Connelly (Hunt4fun96) shared a fun hunting story and photos in our Mule Deer forum. Here it is....

"Sometimes you get lucky! - After I hunted hard for for several days with out much luck of finding a big deer, my wife wanted to get out and take the little guy for an adventure. She especially wanted deer jerky for the upcoming elk hunt. With that in mind and only two days left in the season we headed out to fill the freezer and have a good time. Just after first light I glassed up a couple of bucks feeding on a ridge, the biggest being a decent 3 point. I told my wife to get her stuff ready as I thought we could easily get her on the buck and to with in 300 yards. She said she didnít want to leave the baby with my grandfather as he was just waking up and can be difficult the first 30 minutes in the morning and that I should stop being so picky and shoot the buck. Figuring she was right and seeing as I hadnít killed a deer in a few years I made a quick play on the buck and smoked him at 219 yards. We got my buck all taken care of and to the truck and made a game plan for the rest of the day. We checked spots where we have had success in the past. We turned up several bucks but to my surprise my wife was now being selective, stating we have your buck for jerky, now I can wait and shoot a bigger buck than you. After she passed on several little bucks through out the day it was starting to get late. We headed to a glassing point for the evening. As we are driving to the spot my wife yells at me that there is a buck behind us and I needed to stop! Sure enough I look back to my 8 oíclock and there is the buck just staring at us 120 yards and all I can tell is that heís a big mature buck. My wife proceeds to ask me how big it is.( Keep in mind my wife gets some serious buck fever.) Not wanting her to know I told her ďdonít worry about it just shoot himĒ. To my surprise the buck doesnít move a muscle as my wife gets out of the truck. Watching the buck through my binos waiting for him to run as my wife usually is not the quickest gun on the mountain when all of a sudden I hear her shoot and watch the buck fold into his tracks! My wife didnít set up and just free handed the shot, to say I was shocked was an understatement! We got to the buck and my wife was in disbelief. She could not be happier with the buck and was glad she had our baby with her! She is still smiling and bragging about her deer to anyone who will listen!"

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