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"RETIREMENT BUCK" -- Luck was on Bruce's side in 2004. It was his first year of retirement, which meant more time to hunt and scout. It all paid off with a P&Y trophy.

"My First Moose" -- What a fantastic hunt Art Hughes had in Alaska in 2004. With the help of a good friend, a good time was had a trophy moose was harvested.

"Lucky In More Ways Than One" -- Matt Brown had the luck this year! He got a big buck and survived after his knife sliped and went into his leg. Read the story!

"The Rock Hole Bull" -- Miguel, his dad, and two uncles worked together to produce Miguel his trophy New Mexico bull.

"My First Bull Elk" -- 14 year old, Antonio Verrone drew his Arizona elk tag and took a dandy bull.

"Hunting Skyline" -- Mike Reid had some luck in 2004, he drew Idaho's Super Tag and he, Chad, and Corey went on the hunt for Mr. Big, the buck they dubbed, "Skyline".

"The Bad Luck Buck" -- Its been a tough year in Brian's life, but a little mule deer hunting success helped to lift his spirits a bit.

"Deep Snow and Big Bucks" -- Too much snow almost ended Adam's hunt early, but they pressed on and he was rewarded with a wallhanger.

"Chelan Trophy" -- Tom Morse went on an adventure in 2003, as he often does. The result, a big Washington buck.

"Huntin' Ruttin' Bulls" -- Shilling had the best day of hunting of his life this year, and harvested a great trophy bull elk.

"Hard Work, Persistence, & Luck = Trophy" -- After applying for many years, Mel Carter finally drew the tag he wanted in California. Then, after some hard hunting he bagged a trophy buck.

"Beginners Luck" -- Cindy and Gregory and one great hunt in 2003. While hunting California, Cindy harvested her first buck, and it's a dandy.

"Muzzleloader Monster" -- Derren finally had the tag and was rewarded with a giant non-typical muley. Story featured in the Fall-1, 2004 issue of Trophy Hunter.

"Christmas in September" -- It was like Christmas for Doug when he finally relocated and harvested his monster muley. Story featured in the Fall-1, 2004 issue of Trophy Hunter.

"One Great Monster Muley Day" -- We all dream of bumping into a giant buck during the hunt, but two of them!?! Luck really has to be on your side when that happens, and that's exactly what happened to Marty Killion. He had his choice between two huge typicals.

"After The Slam" -- For 15 year old, Brittney, hunting is something very special. In 2002, Brittney had a super year, and 2003 was just as good. Read her story about harvesting a longhunter book antelope and mule deer buck, and a huge bison.

"Vulture Peak Bull" -- When PSE Pro Staffer, Keith Hubbard, drew his Arizona elk tag, he knew he was in for a great hunt. With the help of his buddy, Jesse Lim, he harvested a huge bull.

"Big Bucks & Good Company" -- Kevin Samz, his brothers, nephews, and friends had one great hunt in Colorado. Kevin's brother harvested the families biggest buck ever--a 30-inch trophy!

"Once in a Lifetime Bull" -- Andrew and Mike produced big time in Washington, as Mike took a bull with his muzzleloader that grosses over 367!

"Stick-n-String Kansas Trophy" -- What a buck Matt found! After having no luck in drawing a rifle tag in Kansas, he bought an archery tag and harvested a monster buck.

"No Ground Shrinkage!" -- As Emory approached his downed Sonoran hawg, the first thing that came to mind was---No Ground Shrinkage Here! His heavy typical grosses over 195!

"Worth the Wait" -- After not having hunted for a couple years, Nathan finally got his chance in 2003 in Utah. Luck was on his side and he took a super 184+ gross typical.

"One Great Big Buck Hunt" -- Big Buck hunting doesn't get much better than this for a father and son. Checkout these big bucks!

"Little Hunter" -- One of the most special times in a dad's life is when their son or daughter first go hunting with them. What makes it even more fun is when dad gets a good buck, as Kurt did.

"Two BIG Utah Bulls" -- Ryan and Kurtis had the good fortune of drawing limited entry Utah elk tags in 2003, and they took a couple giants.

"My First Cougar Hunt" -- What an exciting cougar hunt young Duke Aiken had in 2003 while hunting in southern Utah.

"Three Quick Elk" -- In just two hours, Brad, Jarod, and Chris all connected on elk. It was one great hunt, though a little short!

"Jack the Barber" -- Larry Pasero had an opening day that reminded him of what hunting is all about.

"My Best Bull" -- Randy held out for a trophy bull, and got one! He harvested his 4th Pope & Young trophy.

"One Great Prairie Goat" -- In 2003, Greg Busch drew an Antelope tag for North Dakota and took one fine speed goat.

"Patterson's Don't Mess Around" -- There's not much, if anything, that's more important to the Patterson's of Arizona than hunting. In 2003, Dale drew a unit 9 elk tag, had a great hunt, and took a fantastic bull.

"Heaven Sent 6x7 - Part I" -- Utah produced an exciting hunt and a trophy bull for both Grandpa Chamberlain and Clint. (Part I)

"Heaven Sent 6x7 - Part II" -- Clint's grandfather harvested his big bull on the limited entry rifle hunt, then Clint returned with his smokepole and he also took a great bull. (Part II)

"Scouting Pays Off" -- Brian Linford first located this 180+ buck in mid-July, and after some serious hunting, harvested the buck on opening day of the hunt.

"My Smokepole Buck" -- Lucas and his buddy, Brian, packed in for their 2003 muzzleloader hunt. Opening morning wasn't too great, but later that evening Lucas took a dandy buck.

"A Great Elk Hunt" -- Kevin and his buddies had some great fun bugling big bulls in Utah in 2003. On the third day of the hunt, Kevin harvested a dandy.

"Luck of the Draw" -- Don, Shane, and Mike all harvested great bucks in Utah in 2003 with their bows.

"The Ten Year Return" -- Paul Felski and Darrell Bussard had a great New Mexico hunt in 1992 and another fun hunt together in 2002. On each trip Paul harvested great bulls.

"Black Jack Buck" -- While hunting remote Wyoming backcountry, Sam Jones harvested a Monster Muley grossing over 223. Story featured in the winter 2002 issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine.

"Face to Face with a Cold Blooded Killer" -- Chad was in for more than he bargained for when he set out on his backpack bear hunt.

"Anne's Giant Bear" -- After some enjoyable hunting in beautiful Idaho country, Anne harvested her first bear.

"Muley 101" -- Larry Pasero Jr. had another fantastic year of hunting mule deer in Colorado in 2003. His brother also made the trip and is now hooked on deer hunting.

"Sleeping In" -- Jeff would have never imagined he could have such luck. He over-slept on opening morning of the deer hunt, but still connected on a 198 5/8" gross monster. Story first featured in the summer 2003 issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine.

"Trophy Mule Deer with a Bow" -- Mark had a great bow hunt in Idaho, and harvested a 203 gross trophy buck. Story first featured in the winter 2002 issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine.

"Kirk's First Buck" -- First bucks don't come much better than this 32 incher! Story first featured in the spring 2002 issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine.

"Well, tell me the story!" -- It was a great year for Paul Grube. Luck was on his side and he connected on a dandy Coues buck.

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