Mule Deer, Elk and Western Big Game Hunting -

"My Once-in-a-Lifetime Sheep Hunt" -- In 2002, Tim Ashley drew a Once-in-a-Lifetime sheep tag in Utah and connected on a trophy. (Feb. T-shirt Winner!)

"Coues Quest" -- Allen Taylor, aka Bura Nut, took a dandy coues buck in 2002. (Feb. T-shirt Winner!)

"WALLYWORLD" -- With some help from a new buddy Chad Schow meet here at, he was able to find a great elk hunting spot in Idaho and harvested a dandy 5x5 bull. (Jan. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"Finally, It's My Turn to Hunt!" -- Finally, after 12 years of applying for a limited entry elk tag in Arizona, Dan drew and the hunt was on! His big archery bull grosses 349! (Jan. T-shirt Winner!)

"My Colorado Prize" -- Self discipline paid off for Don Swayne in 2003. He harvested a beautiful velvet covered archery buck in Colorado.

"My First Bear Hunt" -- For Michael, hunting is more than just harvesting an animal. It's about the sights, sounds, and smells that come along with the hunt, and that's really what makes it successful.

"The Big Dog" -- With the help of some great friends, Todd Kelly was able to harvest the best buck their group has ever taken. Great story! (Dec. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"First Time Hunter" -- Cathy and Larry Mower looked over quite a few bull moose while scouting, then Cathy connected on a "Trophy Of A Lifetime". (Dec. T-shirt Winner!)

"The Golden Ticket" -- Bob had the luck in 2002, he drew a Book Cliffs limited entry tag in Utah and with the help of his brothers, was able to harvest a great buck.

"Elk Nirvana!" -- Ken and Randy drew unit 1, Arizona elk tags in 2002, and it turned out to be the "Elk Hunt of a Lifetime". Ken scored on a 340+ bull! (Nov. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"The Shortest Moose Hunt In History" -- It may have been a short Idaho moose hunt, but Scott and Robert had a great time harvesting this trophy moose. (Nov. T-shirt Winner!)

"Last Day Success" -- Jared toughed it out one more night after all his buddies had headed home, and he was rewarded with an awesome archery trophy from the Badlands of North Dakota.

"My First Buck" -- Duane took up archery less than one year ago. After months of practice, he hit the field and was able to connect on his first buck.

"What A Great Hunt!" -- Bud Latturner and Troy Mangel had the hunt of a lifetime in Utah. It was a combo deer/elk hunt and they both scored on awesome trophies. (Oct. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"The Hart Mountain Trophy" -- What a super buck Scott Larson took in Oregon in 2002. He setup in the perfect spot and made a great shot. (Oct. T-shirt Winner!)

"The Big Bull" -- John expected to see many more big bulls on his Utah archery elk hunt, so early in the hunt he was a bit discouraged. However, with the help of guide Mclain Mecham, he connected on a giant.

"Colorado Elk Hunting" -- If you were to ask Joey Gacnik where the best hunting is, he'll tell you Colorado. He ended his exciting hunt with one great bull elk.

"Bitter Sweet" -- After locating the buck before the season, Ladd harvested a great 4x4 buck with his bow in 2002. (Sept. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"What A Surprise!" -- Joe positioned his treestand perfectly, was patient, and harvested a 26-inch trophy buck with his bow. (Sept. T-shirt Winner!)

"Plan B---Never Give Up!" -- After 6 days of hard hunting, Ray was about to give up. But he was inspried by something he had once heard, and returned to the timber where he harvested a great bull with his bow.

"The Four Year Hunt" -- For four years Justin scouted and hunted his 182 net buck before finally harvesting it on the last day. (Aug. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"My First Elk" -- After finding some great bulls while scouting, Russ was able to connect on his first bull while hunting in Washington. (Aug. T-shirt Winner!)

"In Search of Mr. Big" -- Like Gary, we've all been there, spotted Mr. Big before the season opened only to find that he vanished into thin air coming opening day. Though Gary couldn't locate the giant, he still harvested a super trophy buck with extras. Can't ask for much more!! (July Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"An Exciting Hunt" -- Justin was beginning to think that it just wasn't his year after missing several shots, then running out of bullets. Luckily, a friend loaned him a few shells and he was able to connected on a great buck. It was definitely a fun hunt with lots of shooting! (July T-shirt Winner!)

"The Bear That Was Meant To Be" -- Luck was with Bob and and his wife, Sherry, as she pursued a spring bear in Idaho. Everything just kind of fell in place, and she took a beauty!

"My Late Season Bow Hunt" -- After several mistakes and failed attempts, Chad finally arrowed his late-season Idaho archery buck.

"Sydney's Royal" -- What a fantastic elk hunt Chad and his buddies had in 2001! They scouted, found a great area, and Chad harvested a awesome 312 gross bull. (June Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"The Golden State Trophy" -- When Adam's wife returned home from her morning run telling him about the big buck she saw, he wasn't sure what to believe. The next day he confirmed what she had seen and his quest to harvested the trophy was on. (June T-shirt Winner!)

"Finally!" -- After seven years, J.P. and his buddy, Shane, finally harvest a couple big ole' bucks. Read the story behind their Wyoming trophy bucks!

"My Big Bull" -- Emily could not have been more thrilled to draw a super bull elk tag in her home state of New Mexico. Emily, along with her husband, Virgil, did their homework and it paid off with a trophy of a lifetime.

"Pals" -- A great adventure with great friends is what makes hunting what it is. And when the big bulls are screaming, it's even more fun! Read the story behind Scott McGann's opening day trophy bull. (May Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"Trophy Bulls of Unit 27" -- What some great bulls Peter, Jim, and Chris harvested while hunting in Arizona's unit 27. Three 330+ trophy bulls! (May T-shirt Winner!)

"The Desert Trophy" -- After harvesting an awesome 182 P&Y buck in Utah, Paul Felski headed south to Arizona where he took another incredible buck. This one gross scores 191! Read the story!

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