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"My Lucky Pair" -- Curt had a super New York whitetail hunt, taking a 144 6/8 P&Y buck. Then, the next season, he headed north to Canada where he harvested a mule deer for the wall. Read the story!

"The Muley Magnet" -- Paul Felski must have a muley magnet in his pocket, because those big bucks love to head his way. It happened in southern Utah, as a 182 1/8 P&Y trophy came right at him. Read the story! (Apr. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"Pack Goats for Elk" -- Who says pack goats won't work on an elk hunt? Jeff Welch had the luck this past season, drawing a limited entry elk hunt in eastern Utah. They used pack goats to get them 12 miles back in, where he harvested the bull of a lifetime. (Apr. T-shirt Winner!)

"Youth Hunter’s Success" -- What a great Utah hunt young Stephen Richins had. Luck was on his side and he connected on a contest winning trophy buck.

"The Birthday Buck" -- You gotta' love a great archery hunt, especially when it coincides with your birthday and you have the opportunity at a 170 class buck. That's exactly how it all happened for Scott McGann. He took a super muley!

"Northern Exposure" -- After many days of searching for a real monster moose in Alaska, Paul Felski finally found one. What an exciting hunt he had, the rivers were frozen and it was almost too cold to hunt, but Paul was still able to get the bow drawn and harvest a giant bull.

"Dads Big Buck" -- Larry Pasero, aka five_point_buck, had the opportunity to take a super buck. But instead, he held off the trigger then return with his dad who harvested the 30-inch gray ghost. (Mar. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"Change Of Plans" -- Big typical bucks are something we all dream of, and for Brad, his dream came true when he found this 32-inch, 185 B&C buck. (Mar. T-shirt Winner!)

"The Persistent Archer" -- Levi's 45-day archery pursuit ended with the ultimate result, he harvested the 30-inch monster muley with a single 20 yard shot!

"Two Hunts I Will Never Forget" -- Sometimes the same spot can payoff multiple times. That is exactly what happened for Wayne Baskins in Colorado. His first trophy was taken in 1990, then he return in 2000 and took another wallhanger.

"No Help from Mother Nature" -- Corey Jacobsen's late-season Idaho hunt wasn't what he had hoped for, it just wasn't deer hunting weather. But, luck was still on Corey's side and he found a buck of a lifetime. It's a monster typical! (Feb. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"In Pursuit of Mr. Big" -- Trent Smith, aka OSOK, is a serious big buck hunter. In 2001, he found and harvested the biggest buck of his life, and one of the best to come out of Colorado. (Feb. T-shirt Winner!)

"The Backtracking Buck" -- Idaho produced some giants in 2001, and Chip Craig's buck is one of the best non-typicals taken. This archery buck is 37 1/2 inches wide and gross scores 252 P&Y.

"A Great Year of Hunting" -- Eric Nunberg had a fantastic year of hunting in Montana in 2001. He took a great 300 class bull elk, then topped it off with an awesome 166 3/8 B&C buck.

"The Perfect Stand" -- The Utah archery hunt was very good for Tom. He found a great spot, waited, and he was rewarded with a 26-inch velvet buck. (Jan. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"My Hunt of a Lifetime" -- Kevin and his dad had a great elk hunt in Washington, and they both scored on trophy bulls. (Jan. T-shirt Winner!)

"Early Season Success" -- Eric did everything right and was rewarded with an opportunity at a record book Alberta buck. He got him!

"A Big Bull with a Bow" -- Derron gave up on trying to draw an Arizona rifle elk tag, instead he applied for an archery tag and drew. With the help of some great friends, he took a monster bull.

"My 2001 South Dakota Mule Deer" -- Wacey spent many hours hunting before he finally found the 28-inch buck he had seen prior to the season.

"A Big Bull On The Ranch" -- Whit and his brothers were eager to get after the herd of elk that was living near their home, and what a great 6x6 that was in the group. (Dec. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"The Payoff Is All Sixes" -- It was a tough hunt, the bulls had been pushed all over the mountain, but Larry and Marty got their trophy Utah bulls. (Nov. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"The Stalk" -- Rick made a great stalk on his Wyoming trophy buck through some steep, rugged country. See a graphic of his line of descent onto the bedded buck. (Nov. T-shirt Winner!)

"Four Bucks From The Same Hill" -- Brian found an incredible mule deer spot in South Dakota and tells the story of the four trophy bucks he has taken from this one hill.

"Last Day, Last Chance" -- Laurie's hunt was tough. The bull's kept making all the right moves, until the last day. She scored on a super bull!

"Belated Birthday Buck" -- Bob and his father waited five years to draw tags to hunt in eastern Oregon, and they took a couple great bucks!

"The Open Country Trophy" -- With little more than a few small bushes to conceal your movement, stalking mature mule deer is very difficult, but David was able to do it while hunting in eastern Montana and he harvested a great archery trophy buck. (Oct. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"Tracking A Bruiser" -- It took 2 1/2 hours of tracking before Alex was able to see the bucks for only a few seconds. That's all it took for Alex to harvest this monster buck. (Oct. T-shirt Winner!)

"A Great Hunt" -- Larry didn't get the monster buck he was looking for and dreaming of, but he a found a heck of a nice trophy on the second to last day. (Sept. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"Bowhunting Big Bucks" -- Brad drew the tag and harvested a fine archery trophy. Featured in Spring 2001 issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine.

"Trophies on a Budget" -- Phil Callahan had an incredible 2000 Colorado hunting season. He harvested a big buck, a great antelope, and nice bull with his bow. (Aug. Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"Trophy Bucks on Public Land" -- Who says a hunter can't take a trophy hunting public land. Frank Harper proved that if you stick with it and have a little luck, it can be done. Featured in Spring 2001 issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine.

"My Nevada Trophy" -- Seventeen year old, Beverlee Muir, took a great buck in Nevada. He's an awesome, 29-3/4 inch 4x4! (July Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"My Birthday Present" -- All Kent wanted for his 30th birthday was a trophy bull elk for the wall, and he took a dandy! (July T-shirt Winner!)

"Natanes Mountain Mass" -- Gilbert's San Carlos bull is a monster with incredible mass. Story was featured in the fall 2000 issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine.

"My Trophy Blacktail" -- When Manny Galea took his friends boys hunting, he expected they'd harvest a small buck or two. However, luck was with him and he got much more! (June Video & T-shirt Winner!)

"The Bear Hunt" -- Hunting is a lot more fun when you see plenty of game, and that's just how David's hunt went. Then he harvested a great bear. (June T-shirt Winner!)

"A Second Chance" -- Robbie thought he had blown his chance at a trophy buck, but to his surpise, the opportunity presented itself again. Winter 1999 issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine.

"Utah Produces Another MONSTER BULL" -- Kelly drew a great Utah elk tag in 1999, and he harvested an incredible bull. Summer 2000 issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine.

"The Perfect Guide for My First Elk" -- Tyler had the "Perfect Guide" on his Utah elk hunt, his uncle! Tyler's first bull is a dandy! (May Video Winner!)

"A Hunt to Remember" -- A hurt knee couldn't even stop Jeffery on his Colorado, unit 10 elk hunt. He harvested a trophy. (May T-shirt Winner!)

"Beginner's Luck" -- Bart found a monster while on an evening hunt in Idaho. Story featured in the Winter 1999 issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine.

"Nick's Lucky Year" -- After applying for Nevada deer and elk tags for three years, Nick finally drew---BOTH! He took two great trophies.

"A Buck of Two Lifetimes" -- Gene Thompson got a second chance to hunt the Jicarilla for mule deer, and he took a monster! (Apr. Video Winner!)

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