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Home Page Photo Categories 2006 Shed Antler Contest
Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
Steve's Mass-n-Trash Buck (Mule Deer Win... Steve Dana Jun-20-06
399 Bull Set for Kelly (Elk Shed Winner... Kelly Barney Jun-20-06
Brayden's Buck Antlers Shawn Syme Jun-16-06
3 Big Elk and a Muley Set Cody Cole Jun-16-06
Blake's Shed Hutning Success Blake Collins Jun-16-06
Big Bull Sheds for Andy Andy Silva Jun-16-06
Fun Shed Hunting Year for Jimmie Jimmie Walz Jun-16-06
Oregon Bulls Sheds Tom Ryle Jun-16-06
A Great Weekend for Jeremy Jeremy Perkins Jun-05-06
Father/Son Shed Huntin' Fun Riley & JJ Manzonie Jun-05-06
Shed Hunting Success for Shad Shad Stentz Jun-05-06
Jackson's Droptine Monster Shed Jackson Baugh Jun-05-06
More Sheds for Wes Wes Spencer Jun-05-06
Muley Sheds for Laura Laura Cavalier Jun-05-06
Shed Hunting Fun for JJ JJ Laambert Jun-05-06
Brian & Loren's 365 Bull Set Brian & Loren Jun-05-06
Lots of Sheds for Ted Ted Hubele Jun-05-06
Jim's Elk Sheds Jim Long Jun-05-06
190 Muley Set for Royce Josh Pollock May-16-06
More B.C. Sheds for Steve Steve Dana May-16-06
103+ Inch Double Mainbeam Antler Steve Dana May-16-06
Steve's Mass-n-Trash Buck Steve Dana May-16-06
Michael's Shed Hunt Michael Bost May-16-06
Even More Sheds for Wes Wes Spencer May-16-06
Lots Of Elk Bone for Kevin Kevin Call May-16-06
12 Hours Of Great Shed Hunting Josh Stadler May-16-06
Don's 190-Inch Bull Shed Don Leonard May-16-06
Some Great Finds Jeff Koker May-16-06
Billy's Big Utah Elk Shed Billy Steele May-16-06
Another Fun Shed Hunt Brian Latturner May-03-06
399 Bull Set for Kelly Kelly Barney May-02-06
370ish Bull Elk Sheds Ned Kelley May-02-06
200 Sheds for Kelly and Buddies Kelly Silbernagel May-02-06
Two Great Bull Sets for Jason & Chad Jason Reinhardt May-02-06
One Day--102 Antlers for Casey & Mike Casey Middleton May-02-06
More Shed Hunting Success for Brian Brian DeRosa May-02-06
Dana & Ronda's Sheds Dana Smith May-02-06
Brad's 90-Inch Muley Shed Larry Mower May-02-06
Big Nevada Sheds Todd Compston May-02-06
Wives Club -- Trophy Sheds Steph and Pat Smith May-02-06
More Sheds for Wes Wes Spencer May-02-06
Michigan Elk Sheds? Leon Searles May-02-06
4-Point Buck Shed for Trevor Trevor Devey May-02-06
Billy's Buck Sheds Billy Steele May-02-06
New Mexico Bull Sheds for Adrian Adrian Gurule May-02-06
Montana Shed Hunting Aaron Saltenberger May-02-06
Big Sheds for Rusty & Travis Rusty Payne Apr-18-06
Massive 7x10 Elk Sheds Larry Morgan Apr-18-06
53 Sheds for Matt, Tyler, & Ted Ted Hubele Apr-18-06
Idaho Muley Sheds Jeff Transtrum Apr-18-06
350+ Bull Matched Set for Loren Brian DeRosa Apr-18-06
211 Matched Set for Denim Denim Starnes Apr-18-06
Jason's Successful Day of Shed Hunting Jason Reinhardt Apr-18-06
197 Muley Set for Rex Rex Peterson Apr-18-06
Chad's Huge Wyoming Muley Set Jason Reinhardt Apr-18-06
Big Bull Sheds Justin Mignerey Apr-14-06
An Incredible Shed Hunt! Kelly Silbernagel Apr-13-06
Dana's Big Utah Muley Sheds Dana Smith Apr-13-06
360-Inch Bull Sheds for Travis Travis Clark Apr-13-06
A Good Time Shed Hunting Jeremy Perkins Apr-13-06
Two Huge Bull Sets for Corey Corey Reynard Apr-13-06
Plenty of Sheds for Wes Wes Spencer Apr-13-06
Lisa Montana Muley Shed Lisa Hampa Apr-12-06
A Great Day of Shed Hunting Josh Stadler Apr-12-06
Emerson's Southern Utah Muley Sheds Emerson Jolley Apr-12-06
Big Muley Sheds for Brian Brian Clark Apr-12-06
Ben's Montana Bull Sheds Ben Slaght Apr-12-06
Big Buck Sheds Dalton Ross Apr-12-06
A Fun Shed Hunt Brian DeRosa Apr-12-06
190+ Muley Set for Trevor Trevor Valentine Apr-12-06
Big Roosevelt Bull Sheds Terry Smith Apr-12-06
Shed Hunting Fun for Sabine & Mike Mike Hawkins Apr-12-06
Matt's Big Deer Shed Matt Johnson Apr-12-06
Lots of Sheds for Billy Billy Steele Apr-12-06
Blake's Buck & Bull Sheds Blake Collins Apr-12-06
Huge Matched Muley Sets Clint Sorensen Mar-22-06
174 Gross Muley Set Larry Mower Mar-22-06
Washington Buck Sheds Shad Stentz Mar-22-06
Buck-n-Bull Sheds for Billy Billy Steele Mar-22-06
Ronnie's 8-Point Elk Shed Ronnie Hegemann Mar-22-06
Lots Of Sheds for Wes Wes Spencer Mar-22-06