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Home Page Photo Categories 2009 Shed Antler Contest
Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
280+ Inch Muley Sheds - Contest Winner! Clint Curtis May-15-09
Giant Bull Sheds for Orlando - Contest W... Orlando Torres Jun-27-09
Awesome ATL Muley Sheds - Contest Winner... Landon Stone Apr-02-09
Northern Utah Elk Sheds - Contest Winner... Kayson Westerberg May-15-09
Big Unique Set - Contest Winner! Jason Collett Jun-12-09
Unique Elk Set for Zac - Contest Winner! Zac Darling Apr-02-09
Idaho Bone for Jeff Jeff Transtrum Jul-08-09
390 Gross Elk Sheds Wes Gilroy Jul-08-09
Cool ATL Antler for Jude Jude Tuft Jul-08-09
A Good Year for Tracy and his Son Tracy Buehler Jul-08-09
June Wyoming Shed Josh Nelson Jul-08-09
Montana Sheds for Ivan Ivan Jul-08-09
Liam's Yukon Elk Shed Liam Doyle Jun-27-09
218-Inch Monster Muleys Set for Shay Shay Trulove Jun-27-09
Giant Bull Sheds for Orlando - Contest W... Orlando Torres Jun-27-09
Mark's Cool Pictured Shed Mark Jun-27-09
Father's Day Shed Hunting Fun Frank Clause Jun-27-09
Big Elk Bone for Justin Justin Baecker Jun-27-09
Lots of Big Buck & Bulls Sheds Charles Hoge Jun-27-09
Shannon's 200-Inch Set Shannon Ward Jun-27-09
Big 7 for David David Kwapy Jun-27-09
Huge Antler in a Tree Ralph Greene Jun-12-09
ATL Elk Sheds Henry Gilliland Jun-12-09
Blaine's Finds Blaine Casperson Jun-12-09
Buck-n-Bull Antlers for Frank & Pat Frank Clause Jun-12-09
Huge Deer Shed for Randy Randy Sandoval Jun-12-09
Piles of Bone for Mike Mike Ashton Jun-12-09
Lots of Cool Bone for Woodrow Woodrow May-29-09
Sheds & Cool Scenery Rod Sinclair May-29-09
Good Times for Matt Matt Brown May-29-09
Huge Matched Muley Sheds Kenny Mair May-29-09
Big Buck Sheds for Justin Justin Law May-29-09
ATL Utah Elk Sheds Jude Tuft May-29-09
Lots More Bone for Joseph Joseph Cima May-29-09
More Sheds for Jeremy Jeremy Madsen May-29-09
Shed Hunting Fun for Jake & Liz Jake Huber May-29-09
Oregon Bull Set for Donnie Donnie Hood May-29-09
Colorado Elk Bone Jason Brooks May-29-09
Elk Shed with Bullet Hole for Juan Juan Chumacero May-29-09
Montana Bull Elk Sheds Steve Shelley May-29-09
A Few Sheds for Zac Zac Hendricksen May-29-09
Huge New Mexico Muley Set for Will Will Rodgers May-15-09
Great Weekend Produces 50 Antlers Patrick Fretland May-15-09
Father/Son Shed Hunting Mike Blankman May-15-09
Another Great Day in the Hills Juan Chumacero May-15-09
Josh's 383-Inch Idaho Bull Set Josh Cooper May-15-09
Jeremy's Shed Hunting Fun Jeremy Madsen May-15-09
Cool ATL Shot for Joe Joe Daniel May-15-09
Derek's Big Bull Sheds Derek Lowe May-15-09
Cam's Best Sheds Ever Cam Kincade May-15-09
More Elk Bone for Brian Brian LeCount May-15-09
Good Sheds for Des & Colby Chance Grant May-15-09
Big Bucks Sets for Canyon Canyon Owens May-15-09
Buck-n-Bull Antlers for Mike Mike May-15-09
More Colorado Bone Randy Sandoval May-15-09
Monster 3-Point Sheds Ryan Hughes May-15-09
Oregon Sheds for the Hams' Craig Hams May-15-09
Good Day of Antler Hunting for Cedar Cedar Ortega Apr-30-09
Cade's Giant Droptine Idaho Set Cade White Apr-30-09
Massive Muley Set for Jordan & David Philip Storrud Apr-30-09
Mess-a-Bone for Ryan Ryan Tuttle Apr-30-09
More Great ATL Shots Rod Sinclair Apr-30-09
110-Inch Muley Shed! Brian Latturner Apr-30-09
Huge Utah Elk Set for Jude Jude Tuft Apr-30-09
Father/Son Shed Hunting Fun Jesse Rodenbough Apr-30-09
Oregon Bull Shed for Craig Craig Hams Apr-30-09
Henry's Montana Sheds Henry Gilliland Apr-30-09
More Deer & Elk Bone for Randy Randy Sandoval Apr-30-09
First Trip Pays Off Big for Wes Wes Brulotte Apr-30-09
Good Days Afield for Mike Mike Apr-30-09
Colorado Bone for Randy Randy Sandoval Apr-30-09
Billy's Finds Billy Steele Apr-30-09
Wyoming Muley Set for Todd Todd Steffensen Apr-15-09
Super ATL Elk Shots Rod Sinclair Apr-15-09
Nevada Sheds & Big Dead Head RJ Clifford Apr-15-09
Lance's Huge Elk Sheds Lance Foster Apr-15-09
Elk Sheds for Jamen Jamen Littlefield Apr-15-09
Near 400-Inch Elk Sheds Matt Willden Apr-15-09
Tim's Deer & Elk Sheds Tim Hill Apr-15-09
Buck & Bull Sheds for Ryan Ryan Tuttle Apr-15-09
Unique & Cool Muley Antlers for Jeff Jeff Steele Apr-15-09
Garett's Cool Muley Set Garett Criddle Apr-15-09
Montana Elk Bone for Brian Brian LeCount Apr-15-09
Great Sheds for Juan Juan Chumacero Apr-15-09
First Elk Antler for Derek Richard Vialpando Apr-15-09
6x6 New Mexico Elk Set Michael Luna Apr-15-09
Lots of Sheds for Ryan Ryan Tuttle Apr-15-09
Easter Morning Sheds Brian LeCount Apr-15-09
Colorado Bone for Adam Adam Camacho Apr-15-09
Arizona Elk Antlers for Fred Fred Schapler Apr-02-09
New Mexico Bull Sheds for Marcus & Paula Marcus Harshfield Apr-02-09
Great Muley Set for Ashley Ashley Christensen Apr-02-09
Randy's Colorado Elk Sheds Randy Apr-02-09
Huge Elk Shed for Pete Pete Gill Apr-02-09
Matthew's Shed Hunting Prizes Matthew Fare Apr-02-09
Lots of Bone for the Boys Thom Jukes Apr-02-09
Stacked Muley Set for Chris Chris Fare Apr-02-09
347 Gross Elk Set for Jesse Jesse Rodenbough Apr-02-09
Cool Muley Bone for Jerad Jerad Apr-02-09
Lots of Big Muley Antlers for Eric Eric Craig Apr-02-09
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