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Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
WINNER - Best "As It Lay" Deer Dave Metrovich Jun-26-15
WINNER - Best "As It Lay" Elk Kevin Bird Jun-26-15
WINNER - Biggest "As It Lay" Deer Ken McDonald Jun-26-15
WINNER - Biggest "As It Lay" Elk Brandon Jennings Jun-26-15
Northern Utah Elk Bone for Aaron Aaron Gurney Jun-23-15
More Good Stuff for Victor Victor Martinez Jun-23-15
Fantastic Weekend for Clayton Clayton Stewart Jun-18-15
Awesome ATL Buck-n-Bull Pics Brandon Hansen Jun-18-15
212-Inch Monster Muley Set for Colby Colby Milne Jun-18-15
What a Year for Jeff! Jeff Basagoitia Jun-18-15
Dalton's Fine Shed Hunting Success Dalton McDonald Jun-18-15
Little Bit of Everything for Josh Josh Stadler Jun-18-15
Boot Miles = Lots of Antler Mike Dent Jun-18-15
Plenty of Bone for Ryan & JJ Ryan Cordova Jun-18-15
They Found the Other Side! Murry Rudd Jun-18-15
Jordan's Hikes Pay Off Jordan Seitz Jun-18-15
Brown Gold for Jesse Jesse James Jun-18-15
Whitetail Bone Hunting Fun Dustin Hachkewich Jun-18-15
Awesome Idaho Elk Set for Brandon Brandon Jennings Jun-08-15
One Big 8-Point Antler Murry Rudd Jun-08-15
Adrian's Elk Sheds Adrian Hands Jun-08-15
Lots of Bone Mitchell Edington Jun-08-15
Fun Day for Casey and the Kids Casey Harvey Jun-08-15
Few Fine Antlers for Brent Brent Near Jun-08-15
Father/Son Day to Remember Josh Sully May-22-15
One Big Buck Antler for Jeese Jeese Greene May-22-15
Josh's Successful Day on the Hill Josh Robinson May-22-15
Kyle's Amazing Set of Moose Antlers Kyle Buttars May-22-15
Couple Nice ATL Shots Dalton McDonald May-22-15
Elk Bone for Frank Frank Clause May-22-15
Fantastic Set of Whitetail Antlers ColdBore May-22-15
Couple More Big Elk Sheds for Jonathan Jonathan Skiles May-22-15
Trevor's Antler Finds Trevor Sulser May-22-15
Great Memory ... Cool Pic Jerry Wright May-22-15
More Bone for Justin Justin Romero May-22-15
Mike & Addie Enjoying the Hunt Mike Draper May-22-15
337" Elk Set for Wade Wade Johansen May-22-15
Colorado 5x5 Set for Blake Blake Collins May-22-15
A Few Antlers for Adrian and His Son Adrian Hands May-22-15
Good Day for Aaron Aaron May-22-15
Big Buck & Bull Antlers Brian Hemphill May-07-15
Sweet and Big Colorado Buck Antler Jeff Basagoitia May-07-15
Huge Oregon Bull Set - 373+" Josh Roy May-07-15
350 Elk Set by the Road ... Great Stuff Sam Stephens May-07-15
Awesome ATL Mule Deer Antler Kendon Sorenson May-07-15
One Big Muley Antler Brandon Verde May-07-15
Fantastic Muley Set from Oregon Justin Paola May-07-15
A Good Day for the Wife and I Brian Latturner May-07-15
Adam's Good Times Antler Hunting Adam Mayers May-07-15
Borg Family Shed Hunting Success Matthew Borg May-07-15
Great New Mexico Stuff Michael Martinez May-07-15
And Even More Bone for Frank Frank Clause May-07-15
Northern Utah Bone for Aaron Aaron Gurney May-07-15
Big Mule Deer Deadhead Adam Mayers May-07-15
Memories Being Made in the Hills Casey Archibald May-07-15
Bryson's Biggest Find of the Year Bryson Mackey May-07-15
Frank's Shed Hunting Success Frank Bailey May-07-15
Good Days in the Hills for Jesse Jesse James May-07-15
New Mexico Elk Bone Justin Romero May-07-15
Plenty of Colorado Antlers Santos Aragon May-07-15
Penny's First Mule Deer Set Brian Latturner Apr-24-15
Good Boy Rosco ... 17 Point Muley Antler Ken McDonald Apr-24-15
Colby Hits the Jackpot on Muley Sheds Colby Jones Apr-24-15
Big Buck Bone HayZeus Apr-24-15
Frank Continues to Gather Up Bone Frank Clause Apr-24-15
Great ATL Shots and Big Elk Bone Luke Carrick Apr-24-15
Big Utah Moose Antlers for Kyson Kyson Smith Apr-24-15
Plenty of Great Sheds for Ted Ted Hubele Apr-24-15
Fantastic ATL Elk Antler Shot TJ Morgan Apr-24-15
200-Inch Muley Set Scott Simon Apr-24-15
Big Moose Bone Shane Raber Apr-24-15
Unique & Big Antlers for Kelly Kelly Greenwood Apr-24-15
Steve's Idaho Bone Collecting Steve Merritt Apr-24-15
Awesome Antler Hunting Success Colby Milne Apr-24-15
Really Nice Mess of Utah Antlers Jared Brinkerhoff Apr-24-15
Huge Load of Bone Shawn King Apr-24-15
Mitchell's Successful Antler Hunting Mitchell Edington Apr-24-15
A Few More Antlers for Thomas Thomas Duffy Apr-24-15
Tyler's Sheds Tyler Oaks Apr-24-15
Sweet Day of Hiking in Colorado Michael Devins Apr-24-15
Lots of Mule Deer Antlers for Marty Marty Dillavou Apr-24-15
Very Cool Muley Set for Dori Dori Wilber Apr-24-15
Cool ATL Shot for Dave Dave Metrovich Apr-24-15
Nice Day Out for Justin Justin Gonzalez Apr-24-15
Kolbe's Antler Finds Kolbe Ford Apr-24-15
Many Great Antlers for Santos Santos Aragon Apr-24-15
40 Antlers for Shannon and the Boys Shannon Ward Apr-24-15
Great Day of Colorado Antler Hunting Troy Bennett Apr-24-15
Joe's First Elk Sheds Ever Joe Ashurst Apr-24-15
Surprising Day on the Hill for Jerry Jerry Fattig Apr-24-15
Plenty of Bone for Greg Greg Apr-24-15
Father/Daughter Shed Hunt Adventure Garett Criddle Apr-24-15
Braden's Big 5-Point Set Braden Olsen Apr-24-15
Kendon's Day Off Work Pays Off Kendon Sorenson Apr-10-15
Utah Antler Hunting Success for Brandon ... Brandon Verde Apr-10-15
Antlers, Antlers and More Antlers.......... Frank Clause Apr-10-15
Awesome Set of Moose Sheds for Chad Chad Hepp Apr-10-15
Sweet ATL Muley Antler Cody Keisel Apr-10-15
Hunter's First Shed Antler Find Hunter McGuire Apr-10-15
Antler Hunting Fun in Colorado Troy Bennett Apr-10-15
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