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Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
Cool Colorado Deadhead Bull Brian Heidbrink Mar-23-16
Pete's Hunting Success Pete Gill Oct-30-15
Sweet Utah Deadhead for Monte Jose Abrego Oct-30-14
Cool 14-Point Deadhead Robert Meadows Sep-30-14
Northern Colorado Muley Antlers Joel Vaad Jul-23-14
Good Times Antler Hunting Ryan Kroon Jul-23-14
More Shed Hunting Success for Luke Luke Carrick Jul-23-14
Sweet Bull Elk ATL Shed Chase Hanberg Jul-23-14
Big Typical Muley Set for Jed Jed Fage Mar-25-15
A Couple Great Elk Antlers Derek Kibel Nov-13-13
Great Shed Antlers for Robert Robert Sanchez Aug-29-13
Awesome Colorado Deadhead Bull Luke Holguin Jun-06-13
Huge Set of Muley Antlers Mark Gallegos Jul-01-13
Awesome Bighorn Sheep Deadhead for Ben Ben Munoz Jun-06-13
Unique Find for Pete Pete Gill Jun-06-13
Buried Deadhead Bull Mark Gallegos Jun-06-13
Sweet Deadhead Muley Trevor Hunt May-09-13
Wyoming Deadhead Bull Brian Latturner May-09-13
Monster Bull Elk Deadhead Patrick Flores Apr-18-13
Sheds-n-Dead Heads Kyle Hollingshead Sep-04-12
Shed Hunting Success on the Archery Hunt Chase Christopher Sep-04-12
Early 2012 Sheds Mitchell Edington Jan-25-12
Cool 8x7 Deadhead Muley Dave Dunlap Jun-09-11
Giant 412 Gross Deadhead Bull Mike Harvey Jun-09-11
Cool Deadhead Whitetail Buck Liam Doyle May-17-11
Lots of Awesome Late Summer Sheds Ryan Hughes Mar-13-11
Samuel's Elk Shed Hotspot Samuel Dec-30-10
Huge Moose Sheds Jesse Rodenbough Dec-18-10
Finally.....A Match Charles Hoge Nov-19-10
Father/Son Muley Sheds Tim Maddock Oct-14-10
Sweet Droptine Muley Sheds Bryant Jackson Oct-19-10
Deadhead Trophy Bull Richard Vialpando Aug-09-10
Cool Whitetail Shed Liam Jul-15-10
Giant Colorado Deadhead Muley Jerad Cotten May-10-10
The One That Got Away...Not Cory Lambert Apr-23-10
Lots of Awesome Whitetail Sheds for Ted Ted Hubele Apr-09-10
Fun Shed Hunting Bowdy Steele Apr-09-10
Big Moose Sheds for Steve Steve Apr-09-10
Sheds for Nate & Dan Nate Krohn Mar-08-10
Big Set of Colorado Buck Sheds Trafton Hayne Mar-08-10
Washington Antlers for Nate Nate Krohn Feb-18-10
Great Shed Hunting for Paul & Jamie Paul Jenkins Feb-18-10
Buck-n-Bull Utah Sheds Austin Jan-27-10
First Elk Bone of the Year for Zac Zac Perkins Jan-27-10
Lots of Nice Sheds for Ronald Ronald Torpey III Jan-27-10
Cool Finds for Liam Liam Doyle Jan-12-10
Colorado Dead Head Trafton Hayne Nov-19-09
Bad Day for Big Bull Moose Todd Rasmussen Oct-29-09
Jeff's First Elk Shed Jeff Thompson Oct-29-09
Nice Set of Elk Sheds Donald Bromley Oct-08-09
Muley Antlers for Scott & Nick Scott Stone Oct-08-09
Giant Bull Sheds Orlando Torres Aug-26-09
Awesome Yukon Shed Photos Liam Doyle Aug-13-09
Giant Utah Elk Sheds Orlando Torres Aug-13-09
Washington Muley Sheds Bo Overmyer Jul-25-09
Big Sheds for Blaine Blaine Casperson Jul-25-09
Fine Sheds for Clay Clay Buehler Jul-25-09
Big Wyoming Dead Head for Steve Alex Olsen Jul-25-09
Monster Moose Sheds Rory Doyle Jun-26-09
Cool Wyoming Dead Head for Todd Todd Steffensen Jun-12-09
Dandy Dead Head for Cesilia Cesilia Brooks Apr-15-09
Lion Killed Muley Hunter Feb-25-09
January Elk Sheds Matt Galland Jan-30-09
Outdoor Fun for Hayden Hayden Jan-20-09
Sheds for Blake Blake Collins Jan-20-09
Deadhead Bull Elk Pete Gill Jan-20-09
350 Elk Sheds for Scott Scott Martin Dec-09-08
Pete's Fall Elk Shed Pete Gill Oct-14-08
Nice Sheds for Pete Pete Gill Sep-03-08
Jeremy's Nevada Muley Shed Jeremy Aug-19-08
Big Ole' Muley Sheds Weston Aug-05-08
Lots Of Big Sheds Mike Truman Jul-17-08
Tom's Incredible Dead Head Tom Benedict Jul-01-08
Big Dead Head for Charles Charles Hoge May-24-08
Couple Big Dead Heads Hollis Lloyd May-23-08
Erik's Huge 2007 Elk Sheds Erik Barney May-23-08
Big Whitetail Sheds Leif Haugen May-16-08
Ronald's Antler Finds Ronald Torpey May-19-08
Big Sheds for Nick Nick Killough May-14-08
Funky Bull Elk Antlers Justin Baecker May-14-08
Michael's Elk Sheds & Skull Dion Laney May-08-08
A Wild Sheep Skull Mike Truman Apr-17-08
A Great Shed Hunting Trip Remington Grace Apr-16-08
An Alberta Bonus Liam Doyle Feb-17-08
A Few Sheds For Dave Dave Bennett Jan-05-08
175 Inch 3 Point Sheds Mike Burns Jan-05-08
Alberta Sheds Liam Doyle Dec-14-07
Cody's Mule Deer Find Cody Snodgrass Nov-24-07
Big Sheds For Ronda Dana Smith Nov-24-07
Shed's And Head's Collection Brook Brown Nov-23-07
Sheds And Heads Jarred Erickson Nov-08-07
Big Arizona Elk Sheds Jeffrey Wentworth Oct-31-07
Great Sheds For Rory And Friends Rory Doyle Sep-21-07
Washington Moose Shed Jarred Erickson Sep-07-07
Monster 5pt Elk Shed Mark Barboa Aug-10-07
Shed Photo Overdose Paul Barboa Aug-12-07
The Brady Bunch Jonathan Brady Jul-26-07
Giant Idaho Muley Sheds Cliff Miller Jul-26-07
A Great 2007 Shed Season For Casey Casey Kirkham Jul-26-07
Fire Shed Mike Uebel Jul-26-07
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