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"Stick-n-String Buck Success"
Photo provided by: nmwapiti forum member, nmwapiti, shared in the forum the following...........

"I was almost ready to switch back to rifle after 10 years of trial and error and just plain bad luck with mule deer and archery tackle.
I hunted for a week straight on the opener with no luck, par for the course.
I decided to make the five hour drive down south from Santa Fe this weekend to give it one more shot.
Saw this buck yesterday morning at a water hole so I decided to go back this morning.
The wind screwed me on some deer mid morning and then a smaller buck came in that I was getting ready to pull back on when the domestic cows came in and spooked him off. The cows left after I made my presence known and then the small buck circled around and came back. He was getting settled in when he spooked and then this guy showed up, almost to the minute that I saw him the day prior. My range finder was picking up the hill behind the buck (probably from me shaking) and I let one fly. Right over his back. He didnít even flinch, went back to drinking water. I ranged him again, same reading. Knocked another arrow with the same results. He didnít move.
I calmed down and grabbed my range finder with both hands to get a good reading. This time it read 15 yards closer.
I took a deep breath and settled my pin and let one fly. Right in the boiler room, he looked up, took two steps and fell over. The curse is finally over!"

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