Mule Deer, Elk and Western Big Game Hunting -

Cutey and the Beast -- Incredible bear hunting experience for Tina.

Living Among Them: In a Colorado Wilderness -- Backcountry archery hunting fun for Roy, Wally, and Fred.

"Kaibab in September" -- Robert took himself an awesome, long-tined trophy in Arizona.

"My Awesome Colorado Hunt" -- What a hunt for 12 year old, Rylee Dearen. She hammered 192 gross monster muley.
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"California Dream Buck" -- Luck was on Robin's side in 2008 as she downed a whopper California muley that scores 187.

"Opening Day Elk Hunting Success" -- Steve was unsuccessful during the archery hunt, but anchored a dandy during the rifle hunt.

"South Dakota Trophy Buck" -- Jared found a whopper and took him with his smokepole.

"A Hunt In Paradise" -- Southern Saskatchewan produced once again for Jennifer and she took a great buck.
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"Screaming Bulls" -- What fun Clair and Red had hunting bulls. Screaming bulls everywhere and Clair took a dandy.

"Smokepole Bull Success" -- Eric had the luck this year and took a whopper bull with his smokepole.

"Donnie's Monster Muley" -- Big bucks don't come much better than this. 34-inch monster!

"Straight Six Cedars Bull" -- Adam finally had a trophy bull tag in Utah, and he made it count!

"Pocket Kings" -- You can't always win. David's fine story is a must-read!

"Big Buck for Lori" -- Lori had the luck and scored on a dandy buck.
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"A Great Day Afield" -- Scott and John Barclay had a great day of hunting...two dandy muleys.

"The Diamond Bull" -- Jay and Jason invested the time and effort and were rewarded with Jay taking a super bull.

"High Country Bull Hunt" -- Nothing beats hunting the high country. Checkout the dandy bull Ron took in the Colorado high country.

"The Droptine Buck" -- Frank, Tom, and Tommy had a fantastic Colorado deer hunt....taking 3 great bucks.

"I Couldn't Have Planned It Better" -- Everything worked out just right for Levi on his Nevada elk hunt. What a bull!!

"My Idaho Muley" -- Jeremiah's good friend drug him into the backcountry on Idaho in 2007, and he was rewarded with a dandy muley.

"Are Turkey Feathers Really Lucky?" -- Luck was on Luke's side in 2007 as he took a dandy 29-1/2 inch trophy buck.

"Three Big Bucks!" -- 2007 was a great year for Craig...he took 3 bucks that are over 27 inches wide.

"Colorado Mule Deer Success" -- Jason took advantage of the weather during Colorado's 2nd season and downed a dandy.
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"Last Day California Muley" -- Ron and his brother drew great tags in California, and on the last day Ron connected.

"High Desert Trophy Muley Hunt" -- Jeff drew a great tag in Idaho and took a whopper buck.

"Colorado Plains Trophy" -- Ronald returned to the Colorado plains again this year and took a fine muley.

"Second Chance Trophy Bull" -- Luck was on Dustin's side this year as he drew the tag he wanted and found a big bull.

"It Better Have Cheaters!" -- Cole really wanted a trophy buck with cheaters, and in 2007 he found one.

"Waterhole Trophy Bull" -- Curtis found a good waterhole and waited...rewarded with a dandy New Mexico bull.

"Archery Bull Hunt Success" -- Shane took his first big game animal in 2007, a fine archery bull.

"Stick-n-String Fun" -- 14 year old, Remington Grace hunted long and hard and took a dandy archery buck in 2007.

"North Dakota Archery Success" -- Diehard bowhunter, Jared Bloomgren, took another great buck in 2007 with his bow.
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"Super Smokepole Experience" -- What an incredible muzzleloader hunt Andrew had. He took a 34-inch monster muley!

"Lucky Shoes" -- Duane stuck with it on his Nevada archery hunt and was rewarded with a fine buck.

"Two for Two" -- Paul had an awesome archery elk hunt in the Gila N.F. and took a great 337 P&Y bull.
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"Doubt Year Antelope" -- The wet weather made archery antelope hunting tough, but luck was on Steve's side and he connected on a dandy.

"Nevada Elk Hunt Success" -- Opening day in Nevada paid off for Brian as he downed a dandy 300-inch bull.

"Tumble Bull" -- After 25 years of hunting big bulls, Steve finally took a bull that is worthy of the wall.

"The Desert Bull" -- Mark, his son, Trent, and good friend, Robert, had an incredible Utah muzzleloader bull elk hunt.

"DOUBLE SMOKED" -- Big buck hunting doesn't get much better than this. Kelly and his party killed some whoppers!
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"Two Kings One Canyon" -- Justin's secret canyon has paid off! He took not only a 330 bull, but also a trophy buck.

"A Long Awaited Dream" -- 7 years Tim waited to draw his Colorado tag, and he was rewarded with a dandy buck!

"Rachael's Day" -- What a great hunt Randy Tice had with his daughter, Rachael, and son, Logan. Both took bucks!

"Our Hunting Trip to Montana" -- Bill and the boys had a hunting trip to Montana that they won't soon forget.
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"Sweet Dream's Buck" -- What an exciting Utah deer hunt for Richard and Atesha...and a great buck!

"My Exciting Day Of Hunting" -- Kandra and Irl had an exciting day in the Big Sky country and took a dandy buck.

"Colorado Muley Success" -- Jeremy couldn't find a 230 buck as his dad did last year, but did find a great 180 trophy buck.

"Hunt of a Lifetime" -- Adam had the luck in 2006, drawing an elk tag for the Valles Caldera and taking a big bull.

"The Waiting Game" -- While hunting the desert of Arizona, Tracy's patience was tested as she waited for this fine buck to offer a shot.

"My Kaibab Trophy Hunt" -- Andrea drew her Kaibab deer tag and took the smaller of the two great bucks she saw on day one.

"So There I Was..." -- No kill, no problem....still another truly successful hunt for Daniel.

"Another Day to Remember" -- Big bulls are what Donald loves and he took a dandy with his bow.
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"Montana Muley Success" -- Dana loves to hunt and had a great Montana muley hunt.

"Backcountry Fun" -- Tony and his buddies had a great elk and fishing trip.

"Last Minute Trophy Buck" -- Luck was on Brandon's side in 2005 as he took a great Utah archery buck.

"The Hunger Returns" -- The hunger to harvest a bull returned to Martin and he made it happen in Arizona.

"A Fun Muley Hunt" -- Jeff Cooley pushed the timber, and Kaylyn did the shooting.

"My Spike/6-Point Bull" -- Jeff's bull turned out to be a better than average spike....a spike/6-point.

"The Hillside Buck" -- After lots of hard hiking and hunting, Mark Mews found a dandy where he least expected---close to the road.

"Mark's Heavy Colorado Muley" -- After 9 years of applying for Colorado points, Mark finally pulled the trigger and went hunting. What a great buck he was rewarded with!

"Steve's Wyoming Archery Deer Hunt" -- Steve held out and was rewarded with a trophy buck.
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"The Ultimate Elk Hunt" -- Corey and David had the ultimate Idaho elk hunt in 2006, each taking TWO big bulls!

"California High Country King" -- Owen made 3 promises to his hunting buddy; they'd both kill deer and see a 30-incher. All 3 happened!

"Catfish & Speedgoats" -- Brad and Al had a great hunt, eating catfish for dinner and taking a fine speedgoat.

"Triple M - Monster Montana Muley" -- What a great hunt John had in Montana, harvesting a 26-inch trophy buck.

"The Big Bull Rush" -- Luck was on Frisco's side in 2005 as he harvested this 409 gross bull with his bow.

"The Unselfish Buck" -- Brandon, aka Browtine here at, took a dandy in 2005!

"Double Drop Tines" -- Monster bucks with double drops, it doesn't get any better. Leroy's buck gross scores 229!

"Let's Go Get That Mexico Monster Muley" -- Checkout this 240 inch Mexico Monster James Reiley took.

"Trophy Nevada Bull Hunt" -- After 12 years of applying, Alan Barrall finally drew a great Nevada elk tag and took a 362 gross bull.

"The Best Day Of My Life" -- With the help of her sons and husband, Lyla Steele took a great muzzleloader bull.

"A Horseshoer's Hey Day" -- What a great hunt for Flint and Tim. Two great bucks!

"Big Buck Success" -- Day four was Cory's lucky day, as he took a big Colorado buck.

"Smokepole Fun" -- Todd and Kent had some serious smokepole bull hunting fun and Kent took a 349 gross bull.

"Opening Day Buck" -- Opening day of the 2006 Colorado deer hunt, Brian found an awesome buck--over 200"!

"Turkey Day Late Archery Buck" -- While most of us were eating turkey on Thanksgiving, Josh was chasing a trophy buck with his bow.

"My First Non-Typical" -- Big archery bucks don't come much better than this. Kelly had the luck and took a 203"+ trophy.

"The Prairie Ghost" -- Jace had a great speedgoat hunt and took a real trophy with his bow.

"Hard Work and Determination Pays Off" -- It was a great Colorado hunt for Brian Balfour, as he took a fine muley.

The "Meant To Be Buck" -- In 2003, Steve had the luck and drew an Arizona Strip tag. But, bucks weren't everywhere. After several hard days of hunting, the big one finally appeared.

An Elk Hunt To Remember (WITH A TWIST!!) -- David was having a great archery elk hunt when things became twisted just a bit and he was presented the opportunity at a huge muley.

The Second Chance Buck -- Not often do you get a second chance at a big buck, but luck was on Karen's side and the opportunity repeated itself.

The Elusive King -- It took several trips to the hills, but finally Jaxon was presented the shot at the elusive buck.

My Colorado Trophy Buck -- After all his clients left the ranch for the year, Mitchell set out to find the big buck he had been seeing for years. All paid off--201 trophy!

A Big Buck for Dad -- Jimmie's dad has been hunting bucks and bulls for years, but never cared much about trophies. But, luck was on his side as he harvested a great double cheater buck.

DREAM RAMS! -- Todd and Tina had the luck, drew two sheep tags in the state of Washington and harvested two awesome rams.

Gone Scouting -- After only a few minutes in his treestand, Eric spotted the trophy muley. Soon after, it feed to within bow distance.

A Season with a Difference -- While hunting deer and elk in Colorado, luck was on Jay's side as he found a super buck--180+ archery muley!

Two for Two in Idaho -- Jamie Vasa's kids, Garrett and Alex, both took real nice bucks in Idaho.

"BOOK BUCK" OR BUST!" -- It was BIG or nothing for James when he went on his Kaibab hunt. BIG is what he got!

Lucky 27 -- October 27th, Justin's 27th birthday, produced for him a 27-inch 180+ Utah buck.

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