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Home Page Photo Categories 2007 Shed Antler Contest
Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
Unique Bull Shed for the Jolley's (Winne... Richard Jolley Jul-17-07
Stefan's Massive Muley Shed (Winner!) Stefan White Jul-17-07
300-Inch Monster Shed (Winner!) Trevor Davenport Jun-29-07
Monster Wyoming Sheds (Winner!) Ted Hubele May-30-07
Big Country Elk Sheds (Winner!) Rod Sinclair Jul-09-07
Monster Mule Deer Sheds (Winner!) Adam Ewell May-29-07
Ochoco Elk Sheds Matt Bartolotti Jul-09-07
Lucky Seven Mike Hawkins Jul-09-07
Non-Typical Elk Sheds Tyler Nelson Jun-29-07
Big Muley Sheds From BCBOY Steve Dana Jun-29-07
Sheds From Wide Bugger Steve Dana Jun-29-07
Some Great Colorado Sheds Charles Hoge Jun-29-07
Starting Them Young Mark Wonenberg Jun-29-07
Last Outting For 2007 Billy Steele Jun-29-07
Monster B&C Moose Shed Mike Burns Jun-15-07
Shed Picture OverLoad Trevor Davenport Jun-13-07
Father Daughter Outting Marcus McDowell Jun-13-07
First Trip Success Santos Aragon Jun-13-07
Big British Columbia Elk Shed Chris Vanghel Jun-13-07
Wyoming Blind Spot Michael Bost Jun-13-07
Monster Elk Sheds For Zane Zane Webb Jun-13-07
A Big Haul In Arizona For Elk Justin Baecker Jun-13-07
Two Great Elk Sets Rusty Smith Jun-13-07
Colorado Elk Sheds Scott Stohl Jun-01-07
Elk Sheds In Beautiful Country Rod Sinclair May-30-07
More Great Finds For Todd And Crew Todd Compston May-30-07
Big 7x7 Elk Sheds Adam Ewell May-30-07
Monster Alberta Elk Sheds Liam Doyle May-30-07
To Big For The Dog Chris Hertel May-30-07
Monte And Justin's Southern Nevada Sheds Justin Perkins May-30-07
Awesome Whitetail Sheds Ronald G. Torpey III May-30-07
More Sheds For Billy Billy Steele May-29-07
Big Elk Sheds For Trevor And Wes Randy Horgan May-29-07
Monster Elk Shed Paul Kendall May-16-07
Only A Years Worth Of Sheds Zane Webb May-16-07
A Good Year For Blaine Blaine Casperson May-16-07
One Big Haul Steven Thomas May-16-07
A Great Looking Arizona Elk Shed Micheal Lyons May-16-07
More Sheds From Brian Brian DeRosa May-16-07
Big Elk Sheds For Bart Bart Sorenson May-16-07
Two Sets For David And Corey David Ross May-16-07
350 Set Of Elk Sheds For Casey Casey Kirkham May-16-07
A Few Elk Sheds At Snow Line Ken Long May-16-07
Palmated Elk Set Ray Lilley May-05-07
Big Wyoming Elk Set Barry Dampman May-05-07
Monster Colorado Sheds Shay May-05-07
More Sheds From Billy Billy Steele May-05-07
Big Muley Set For Billy Billy Steele May-05-07
California Muley Droptine Set Daniel McIntosh May-05-07
Another Great Trip For Zane And Mike Zane Webb May-05-07
Success For Daryn And Logann Daryn and Logann May-05-07
Brian's Cheater Bull Brian Evans May-05-07
Big Washington Elk Sheds Nicholas Mankus May-05-07
Huge Brown Elk Antlers for Brian Brian DeRosa Apr-26-07
53 Sheds in 2 Days! Wes Spencer Apr-26-07
7-Point Elk Antlers for Weston Weston Wadsworth Apr-26-07
The Golf Course Shed Bruce Brown Apr-26-07
A Couple Elk Antlers for Todd Todd Compston Apr-26-07
Michael's Pile of Antlers Michael Lyons Apr-26-07
Cody's First Shed Cody Lunceford Apr-26-07
Big Sheds for the Blackhurst Boys Lafe Blackhurst Apr-24-07
Shed Hunting Success for Cya & Sons Cya Eddie Apr-24-07
First Shed Hunt for Chas J. Hollingsworth Apr-24-07
Kent's Matched Set Bull Antlers Kent Gorham Apr-24-07
A Fun Shed Hunt Jeff Steele Apr-24-07
Cory's Stack of Elk Sheds Cory Calvert Apr-24-07
Big Sheds for Zane & Coal Zane Apr-24-07
Shed Huntin' Fun for the Wadsworth's Weston Wadsworth Apr-24-07
Huge Colorado Typical Muley Sheds Tyler Arnold Apr-24-07
Skyler's Idaho Muley Sheds Skyler Dabell Apr-24-07
Mike's Shed Antler Success Mike Apr-24-07
Unique Bull Antler for Amanda & Dad Jill Pacheco Apr-24-07
A Great Day For Jeff Jeff Peterson Apr-24-07
Garett's Lucky Day Garett Criddle Apr-24-07
Big Bull Sheds for the Moon's Robert Moon Apr-24-07
Cody's Fun Colorado Shed Hunts Cody Cass Apr-24-07
More Big Bone for Billy Billy Steele Apr-24-07
Lots Of Big Antlers For Wes Wes Spencer Apr-24-07
Trevor's Idaho Muley Set Trevor Valentine Apr-24-07
Great Finds for Todd, Roy, & Dennis Todd Compston Apr-24-07
Big Northern Idaho Bull Shed for Sean Sean Kelley Apr-24-07
Rob's Big Moose Antlers Rob Reid Apr-24-07
Big Arizona Bull Shed Robert Moon Apr-24-07
One Side Wonder Rebecca Chachas Apr-24-07
Fraser River Giant Bull Sheds Mike Mahovlic Apr-24-07
Big Bulls Sheds for Casey Casey Roberts Apr-24-07
Blaine's Non-Typical Muley Shed Blaine Casperson Apr-24-07
Blake's 2007 Finds Blake Collins Apr-24-07
A Whole Mess Of Bone Billy Steele Apr-24-07
Monster Muley Shed Dave Fenster Apr-23-07
A Great Shed Trip Jeff Steele Apr-23-07
Road Elk Sheds Brandon Mohler Apr-23-07
Muley Set David Munis Apr-23-07
Big Elk Sheds Matt Bartolotti Apr-23-07
Easter Weekend Find Brian Derosa Apr-18-07
Big Wyoming Single Daniel Plaisted Apr-18-07
A Great Day Of Shed Hunting Billy Steele Apr-18-07
Big Double Beam Shed Richard Jolley Apr-18-07
Colorado Elk Sheds David Ross Apr-18-07
Tines Down Zac Jones Apr-18-07
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