Mule Deer, Elk and Western Big Game Hunting -

"Old Shovel Handle" -- Casey hunted hard for this big buck for two years before finally getting a good shot. (Apr. T-shirt Winner!)

"The Last Day" -- After seeing and passing on several smaller bucks, Mike got his chance on his final day of the hunt.

"The Tin Cup Buck" -- Sam Henderson relives another one of his hunts from the "Good Ole' Days".

"The Sunshine Buck" -- Sam Henderson relives the "Good Ole' Days", and tells us about the hunt that lead him to giant in 1958.

"Just Sittin' Around Camp" -- Who says you can't sleep in and fill your tag from camp. Ashton Sanders took his first buck doing just that.

"A Family Heritage" -- Hunting is a family tradition in the Lippert family. This story is a tribute to those who pass the hunting heritage to the next generation. (March Winner!)

"The Strip Buck" -- Sam Jaksick tells the story of his hunt on the Arizona Strip. Story was featured in the Winter 2000 issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine.

"My Turn On Water Dog Flat" -- Leslie Knecht had a great hunt in Colorado this past season, and harvested a great buck. (March Winner!)

"Old Heav'" -- Lynn Hunt spent several months scouting the Paunsaugunt before finding and harvesting a 203 B&C buck. Story was featured in the Winter 2000 issue of Trophy Hunter Magazine.

"The Heart Pounding Elk Hunt" -- Travis Black had a great time guiding one of his hunters this past season, and they took a huge bull!

"The Hunting Fever Is Back" -- Steve Leetham took a big ole' buck in Utah this past season, and it has sparked the hunting fever.

"My Archery Hunt" -- Jeff Low took a great buck with his bow in southern Utah. (Feb. Winner!)

"Family Affair" -- Brad, Jeremy, Dave and Ryan had a great family hunt in Wyoming. (Feb. Winner!)

"The Oak Canyon Bull" -- Mike and Ed Sodolak had a great elk hunt in New Mexico, and Ed took a big bull.

"My Once-In-A-Lifetime Moose Hunt" -- Mike drew a Utah moose tag and he took a big one!

"My Son's First Buck" -- Matthew has been watching his dad hunt for years, but 2000 was his year. (Jan. Winner!)

"The Angry Bull" -- Brad's bull came to within 7 yards, and was looking to fight! (Jan. Winner!)

"My First Buck" -- Debbie harvested her first Canadian buck, and it's a dandy!

"The Snow Mountain Trophy" -- Fred found a big bull in the roadless country of Snow Mountain, Oregon.

"One Buck" -- All they needed to find is ONE buck, and they did. A 182 buck!

"The Seven Rivers Monarch" -- Keegan's favorite New Mexico spot paid off again, with a dandy buck.

"My Trophy" -- Bob's Colorado hunt was a success and he harvested a buck for the wall.

"Triceratops--Not To Be" -- Stefan didn't get "Triceratops", but he got a monster! A 27-inch 4x5 that grosses 201 4/8".

"The Memories Buck" -- Tyler and his dad had a great father/son hunt in 1999. Tyler's 4x5 is 22 inches wide.

"Ghost Mine Success" -- Todd harvested a great buck in Colorado's unit 63. Todd's buck grosses 173.

"The Kidney Stone Hunt" -- No Kidney Stone was going to stop Dan from going on his deer hunt. Dan's buck is a 24-inch 4x4.

"A Great Week in Wyoming" -- Jerry, Clayton, and Lance had some great success in Wyoming.

"The Luck of the Draw" -- Toni had a fun hunt in Nevada, she harvested her first buck!

"The New Mexico Bad Boy" -- After following and stalking the big bull for hours, Lance got him!

"The Labor Day Trophy" -- Chris harvested an awesome 170 class buck with his bow in Arizona.

"Lucky 13" -- Sherry Mancuso has all the luck when it comes to drawing great tags. This time it was a Ram tag.

"Velvet Envy" -- The Utah muzzleloader hunt was good for the Painter boys, they harvested some great bucks.

"The Best Friends Bull" -- Marty and his good friends found and harvested an awesome bull.

"A Buck of a Lifetime" -- Dave harvested a great 28-inch Idaho buck, with his bow!

"Nine Preference Points Later" -- It took awhile to draw a tag, but Brad finally got the tag and a bull.

"Kolyer's First Buck" -- Kolyer Andersen harvested his first buck in 1999, and it's a giant!

"Fast Food" -- Another great story by Ron Gayer.

"The Navajo Carrizo Buck" -- Percy Gale tells the story of his Navajo trophy hunt.

"A Tribute to Art" -- Tom tells the story of this buddies (Art Snyder) last deer hunt.

"Prime Time Elk" -- Another great bull from southern Utah, by Gayland Jones.

"The Bookend Buck" -- Tom Montgomery harvested a great Kansas muley in 1999.

"The Triangle Buck" -- Michael Schenck tells of his encounters with "The Triangle Buck."

"The Sneak" -- Read about Tom Montgomery's 1998 Kansas Muzzleloader Buck.

"The Flatlander" -- Steve's 1968 buck made the book!

"The Buck of His Dreams" -- John finally harvested the buck he's been dreaming of.

"The Waiting Game" -- Craig made an incredible stalk, and harvested a Paunsaugunt Trophy.

"A Hunter's Letter Home" -- This is a MUST READ about a Wyoming trophy buck.

"The Navajo Monster" -- Lea Dennison finds a big one on the Navajo.

"A Great Spot to Rest" -- Tim's knowledge and luck paid off in Colorado.

"The Monster in the Corn Field" -- Mike harvested an awesome buck in Colorado.

"One for the Book" -- Darren tells the story behind his Utah Pope & Young buck.

Sherry's Big Buck -- Sherry gets the tag, then the buck of a lifetime.

Phil's Arizona Trophy Bull -- Phil Petroe harvests a big bull in Arizona.

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